Based on the teachings in A Course in MirACLEs

Michael and Alison Orci

About Learners Live Productions 

Learners Live Productions is owned and run by Las Vegas' Michael & Alison Orci partners in love, life and business.  They are junior high school sweethearts together nearly 35 years with a (mostly) mutually loving determination to be in the marriage of their dreams.

They own and operate Las Vegas Property Management & Realty and are parents to their 'going into 6th grade' daughter Ariana Teresa.  As Senior PLD & MLS/WLS graduates, they've been on paths of self awareness more than 25 years.  

In reading Sondra Ray and Markus Ray's book SPIRITUAL INTIMACY - WHAT YOU REALLY WANT IN A MATE  they have found their next area of study is SPIRITUAL  INTIMACY.  Mike concedes, "until a year ago, I didn't see a point to serious study of SPIRITUALITY AND INTIMACY.   I thought only boring, highly religious people were into that."   Then he read Sondra and Markus' book, it revealed his next area of growth. He was so nourished by the book he found they would be in the great city of San Diego doing an NLRT  in March 2016 where he experienced the magic of Sondra Ray and Markus Ray live.  What an incredible experience!

This project is a manifestation of their desire to hold and share only loving thoughts of self and others for the purpose of creating happiness and joy as is our true function so stated in A Course In Miracles.