Based on the teachings in A Course in MirACLEs

Program Description:  Sondra and her husband Markus deliver practical tools for having a holy relationship of greater happiness and fulfillment.  Based on their book Spiritual Intimacy - What You Really Want With A Mate , attendees discover how circumstances experienced in the womb and during birth affect every one of us in ways we seldom consider when we participate in our intimate relationships.  Whether you are in a relationship or you are searching for that "right person", the Liberation Breathing Work formerly known as Rebirthing techniques honed by Sondra for the past 30 years affords attendees access to daily rebirthing sessions done in the program.  Take advantage of the chance to experience the power of this technique/process facilitated by the internationally recognized "Mother of Rebirthing" herself. Leonard Orr with Sondra's assistance pioneered teaching the process in 1974. You can say Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray birthed rebirthing.  The program uses Liberation Breathing / Rebirthing to eliminate beliefs we never chose for ourselves.  We acquired them from our immediate surroundings at or before we were born. (Literally).


  •  Forgiveness and it's magical effect on our lives
  •  Common negative family patterns are aired and discussed
  •  How our birth scripts- conception, gestation, actual birth and postpartum life affects relationship
  •  Our addiction to our thoughts of fear and guilt and the prices we pay
  • Identify your "personal lie" (a limiting belief)
  •  Learn how our personal lie can lead to more intimacy in our relationships
  •  Learn to clear conflicts using the "8 minute process"
  •  Learn our addiction to Anger and Conflict (especially those who believe they are not affected) impacts intimacy and what to do about it
  •  What is Spiritual Intimacy and why we must pursue it
  •  What is the New Frequency in Relationship and how do we create it
  •  The art of giving and receiving effective feedback
  •  Releasing our relationship "issues" 
  •  An introduction to A Course In Miracles - Considered by Sondra and Markus to be Americas single   most significant contribution to the achievment of inner peace 

Loving Relationships Training

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SONDRA RAY is known the world over as one of the most dynamic spiritual leaders of our day.
She is recognized by many as a spiritual teacher, author, rebirther, lecturer, and healer, with a
renowned expertise in the area of relationships. Inspired by President Kennedy in the early
1960's, SONDRA RAY was a pioneer in the first 10 groups of the PEACE CORPS, an experience
which gave her the lifelong dedication to world service. 

​​SONDRA RAY has written 21 books on the subjects of rebirthing (now known as Liberation Breathing), relationships, ideal birth, The Forgiveness Diet©, A Course in Miracles, healing and holiness, and the many mental & spiritual imperatives in life….and many other deeply pertinent subjects in our quest to Lovingly integrate ourselves in these modern times. In her best seller, The Only Diet There Is, SONDRA shows people how to lose weight by forgiving people, especially themselves.

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w / Sondra Ray and Markus Ray

March Fri 3rd 6-10p Sat the 4th 10-6p and Sun the 5th 9-6p